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Leeds Teaching Hospitals Optimise Supply Chain

July 25, 2017

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have made improvements to supply chain efficiency and patient safety with the support of Cardinal Health’s Inventory Management Solutions. This is aligned with the aims of the national Scan4Safety programme. The benefits have been gained by using Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) to management stock. The introduction of these solutions at Leeds has helped ensure that the right products get to the right patient for the right procedure in the right place.

RFID technology is allowing Clinicians and Operating Theatre Team Leaders to see in real time what products are on the shelf providing confidence in the Supply Chain.  A secondary benefit is that RFID technology takes less time to associate products to patients in the Theatre environment.

The system has been successful implement for high value products such as Heart Values and Pain Management products.  It allows Inventory and Supply Chain Managers to see what items are in stock, which items are due to expire and where they are being held.  The information can be easily shared with the Business Managers for the areas and for the Pain Management Team that operate on two separate sites.  The product nearest its expiry date can be identified and used first.

If a safety alert is issued the cloud based system which supports the RFID technology will search the system records to make sure the Trust is not holding any items.  Should a product be identified as recalled a safety alert is issued on the Dashboard for all staff to see.

Working with Cardinal Health, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have created a Case Study of the benefits.

The final piece that has made the Cardinal CIMS system as success at Leeds is the on going support from Cardinal themselves.  The Trust receives regular contact to help manage stock and Supply Chain Management are alerted by the Cardinal Team if the level of missing stock is considered to be increasing.

This provides the Trust with an all round solution.