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Scan4Safety enables product-to-patient tracking

September 28, 2017

Through the Scan4Safety Programme, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has introduced point-of-use scanning in orthopaedic theatres and cardiology, enabling 93% of the Trust’s implantable devices to be accurately tracked to a patient. In the event of a future product recall, the affected product can now be automatically traced to the patient and appropriate action quickly taken.

In March 2017, the Trust launched a new Inventory Management System, Genesis Automation, with point-of-use scanning in orthopaedic theatres, following a highly successful rollout in cardiology in October 2016. With sixty members of staff fully trained, the Trust’s theatre staff now scan the barcodes at point-of-use on all the inputs to patient care – this includes all consumables, implants (with batch and expiry information), surgical trays, staff and patients.

As a result:

  • 93% of implantable devices in the Trust are now tracked to a patient, improving product recall processes.
  • By scanning products at point-of-use, stock is now automatically replenished, releasing time for clinical staff to care who previously had to complete these stock orders.
  • Through the rich data that is now captured, practices can be challenged to increase standardisation and improve outcomes. The Trust has already saved £121,069 through product range rationalisation in orthopaedic theatres.

The results to date have exceeded expectations and the Trust is now looking to roll this out across all areas of the hospital so 100% of all implantable devices can be tracked by early 2018. As the data continues to build, more benefits will become apparent to the Trust.

For further information on Salisbury’s approach and an overview of all the resulting benefits, read the full case study.