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Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTHT) opens its doors to demonstrate Scan4Safety

July 28, 2017 | No Comments

At the end of June the Scan4Safety Team opened their doors to showcase the work being undertaken by the Scan4Safety Programme. The opportunity arose following a request from the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, to demonstrate the work already being achieved by the programme to the Trust Board at the June Board ‘Time Out’.

With support from GHX, Dakota, Squadron Medical and Cardinal Health, the Trust was able to demonstrate the patient journey and the fantastic impact that Scan4Safety will have through the implementation of new GS1 compliant wristbands, improved inventory management and advanced product distribution systems.

It also provided the opportunity to demonstrate the work being undertaken by the Trust’s Informatics Team, to show how the patient wristband could be used in the future to automatically open up electronic patient records and also complete forms electronically at the patient’s bedside using mobile devices, releasing time to care.

Over three days demonstrations were provided to the Informatics Department of the Trust, representatives from Future-Focused Finance from across the Yorkshire and Humber region, Clinical, Nursing and Business Leads from across the organisation as well as the Trust Board.

The final day was aimed at those organisations in the NHS who are wishing to begin their Scan4Safety journey to implement GS1 standards. The work-stream leads from each of the six work-streams were on hand to discuss the work they had carried out and more importantly pass on any learnings that they had gained.

Following the visit from the Trust Board, the reaction of our Trust Chair, Linda Pollard, was that she hoped Leeds would continue the work and become a centre of excellence for the changes being made. Chief Executive Julian Hartley wrote in the Trust’s ‘Start the Week’ Bulletin:

On Wednesday, our Chair, Linda Pollard, our Trust Board and I saw a demonstration of the fantastic work our Scan4Safety programme team are delivering across the trust.  Scan4Safety is a huge opportunity for LTHT, not only revolutionising the way we track products from supplier to patient and ensuring effective product recall; it is also driving forward efficiencies by enabling clinical staff to carry out many tasks at the bedside, increasing the time available to care for patients. Senior teams across many CSUs also attended the demonstration in clinical areas.

I know that Board members were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of colleagues, the great progress that had been made and the enormous potential for LTHT going forward. Scan4Safety is a huge undertaking and one with great potential for improving the care and safety of patients by improving our systems”.

Using the patient wristband to open up Electronic Patient Records

Board Member reviewing Implantable Devices