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Scan4Safety – Committed to demonstrating the benefits of adopting standards, barcodes and common ways of working.

As demonstrator sites, we aim to provide clear guidance and best practice and UK-based exemplars that all NHS Acute Trusts in England can learn from.

Similar to those systems used in shops by retailers, the introduction of barcoding standards will help us to better identify and match our patients, products, and locations.

From better patient safety and experience, to improved operational efficiency, the benefits are clear.

But don’t just take our word for it, see below for the latest real-life benefits already being realised within the demonstrator sites and what this potentially means for the wider NHS.

Across the six demonstrator sites, early signs of benefits are extremely encouraging, with over £700,000 of savings already being identified:

  • Stock reduction/one off stock holiday – £233,000
  • Reduction in wastage/obsolescence – £462,000
  • Non-clinical pay efficiencies – £46,000

Based on these initial findings, it is estimated that for a typical NHS Hospital trust, the benefits could be:

  • Time release to patient care – equivalent to 16 band 5 nurses per trusts, that’s 2,400 band 5 nurses across the NHS.
  • A reduction of inventory averaging £1.5 million per trust, £216 million across the NHS.
  • Ongoing operational efficiencies of £2.4 million per trust annually, that’s £365 million across the NHS.

The demonstrator sites will be publishing more detail here on all the various benefits they uncover so watch this space!

Journey – Standards

Setting the standards for safer care